Wonderful VASSA Trailer!

Seriously, I’m smitten. Do view!


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  1. Hi I’m Jaye and I worked with Ksenia at TOR (through COS Productions) on the trailer and the Erg vignettes! I need to tell you how much I LOVED this book. I read the ARC, then bought myself a copy of the hard cover to re-read for pleasure. I’m going to be reviewing it at my new blog, and honestly, your book is what got my creativity flowing again – I was really in a slump for a while. Thank you so much for writing such a gorgeous work of art. I’m tickled you loved the trailer! I wish you tons of success! 😀 + XO

    • featheretta says:

      Hi Jaye! And thank you; reading your comment was such a beautiful way to start the day. I totally adore the trailer; can’t tell you how thrilled I was when I saw it. And the vignettes! XO

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